Case Study:

Coalition Opposed to Chicago City Council E15 Mandate

Coalition Opposed to Chicago City Council E15 Mandate


Execute a strategy targeting Chicago media to weigh-in on behalf of our efforts to encourage the Chicago City Council to hear our concerns and delay action by taking a more deliberative examination of the E15 proposed ordinance.


With less than two weeks before the next scheduled city council meeting, our team reached out to the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times for editorial board meetings stressing the urgency of this issue. We organized a large coalition of industry voices for editorial boards and developed a solid unified message for City Hall. Narrowing in on key messaging to lay out the inherent issues surrounding the effort to fast track the E15 ordinance made it clear the City Council needed to be called upon to press the pause button. With only hours left before the potential vote, our team secured supportive editorials from both publications which ultimately resulted in a tabling of the issue. With the defeat of the E15 ordinance, gas stations across Chicago were not obligated to retrofit their operations to sell E15 at their stations, saving both owners and consumers from the costs that would have been placed on them had the ordinance passed.